musical finds of the month- February

Well, here I am again after an entire month of silence, posting a blog which was intended to be for February in March.


Let’s get to the music.

First off, let me introduce you to Michael Giacchino, the Pixar soundtrack guy who did Doctor Strange. And then let me show you the best track: Go for Baroque.

(Funny story about this song: My younger sister hadn’t seen Doctor Strange but had watched a few trailers and had no clue of what Kaecilius’ name was. Apparently she also didn’t know that Baroque was a style/era of music, because she asked me if Baroque was the name of the bad guy while we were listening to this.)

Generally I don’t like electric guitars at all, but I recently rediscovered the Treasure Planet soundtrack by James Newton Howard, and I think that he may have redeemed them in this.

12 Years Later

I finally devoured/loved to pieces read Goblet of Fire a few weeks ago (and Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince; hence the non-existent posting) and then listened to all the soundtracks over again. Because that’s what a bookworm/soundtrack lover does whenever they finish a book.

Harry in Winter- Patrick Doyle

I didn’t exactly discover this in February (actually it was in December), but it’s still awesome and I have two more songs to go, so enjoy Drink Up Me Hearties from At World’s End by Hans Zimmer.

I feel bad about always using a Harry Potter soundtrack, and especially using two in one post, but there are nine movies now, all with (hehe) Fantastic soundtracks.

Pie or Strudel- James Newton Howard


Which track was your favorite?


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