Eight Things that Children Do During Church


Hello again, blog readers!

So I’ve been thinking (it’s what I do best, after all) recently about all the things that I used to do during church services when I was too young to focus on the sermon. And then I started to notice all the things that my younger siblings do now. It made such an interesting list that I thought you guys would like to see it.

A friendly warning to all children: I did most of these things when I was around five or six years old. If you’re older than that, I warn you that it is not acceptable  for you to do these things. You can listen to the sermon. If you are around six years old, enjoy doing these things while you still can. 🙂

Draw on the pieces of paper that are supposed to be for taking notes

I’m certain that thousands of beautiful small drawings have come from my siblings and me sitting in church services. I’ve drawn stunning tractors, apples, sunsets; whatever you can think of. And my crosses and crucifixes? They were among the best you can imagine. The drawings of my pastor? Not quite as awesome; mediocre at best (I was never very good at people), but, hey, I tried.

See how many loud noises they can get away with

My younger siblings always loved (and some of them still do love) doing this. If they feel a hiccup coming, they will be sure to hiccup as loudly as possible, just to see if their parents or older siblings notice. If the said parents or siblings do, the child will grin and whisper (a mite too loudly) “Sorry! I couldn’t help it.” The same goes for coughing, sneezing, or anything else that might make a sound.

Kick the chairs in front of them

Or perhaps kick is too strong a word. It is more of a tap; what children do. Whatever the word, children have an obsession with touching their feet to the back of someone’s seat. Perhaps they wish to put their feet up, perhaps they wish to irritate someone, or perhaps it was only an accident that took them way too long to notice. But whatever it is, the child will never fail to at least once touch their feet to that chair.

Work on multiplication by counting chairs and people

My older brother became quite adept at multiplication during church services. He would begin by counting how many rows of chairs there were in the sanctuary and then would count how many chairs were in each row. Multiplying these, he learned exactly how many chairs were in that sanctuary. On occasion, though, he would skip the multiplying and simply count how many chairs or people were in the sanctuary.

Count how many of each letter are on a piece of paper

Again, this one came from my older brother. He learned that E was the most-used letter on all of the notes and slides used during the service, but occasionally- very seldom, though –  A would be used more times.

Notice weird things

I was really good at this one. I noticed just how many people were wearing green shirts one week, then how many strings were on an electric guitar the next, then how many steps the pastor took during one service.

Discover physical abilities they never knew they had

This one was always my personal favorite. For example, did you know that it is possible to cross your legs twice so that the right leg is on the right side and the left is on the left, yet they are still crossed? I didn’t, until I stopped going into the kids’ classrooms at church.

Stare at a random person

My siblings rarely do this (and I never did, as far as I remember), but is not uncommon to see another child, generally unknown to our family, staring at us from across the sanctuary. Said child will never stop staring, unless their parents intervene.

So take those, young children, and if you are too young to fully listen to the sermon, or want something to do while you do listen, try one of these, preferably one of them that won’t embarrass your parents. 🙂

Did you do any of these things? Tell me in the comments!

… And that’s all for today! Have a great weekend, everyone!



7 thoughts on “Eight Things that Children Do During Church

  1. I used to find an urge to make little noises when it was too quiet–any noise really, and I would be as loud as possible during the singing, clapping my hands and raising them, the way I noticed some people doing. 🙂 I liked seeing your list.


    1. Actually, a few of my siblings still doodle on those, so… yeah. As long as they’re listening to the service it’s okay, though, right? 🙂

      Somebody else has actually watched that show? Great! I didn’t think it was wonderful, but is was a lot of fun, so my siblings and I enjoyed it. And steal the gif, yes! (I actually have a slightly large collection of gifs from the show that I mean to use someday, so steal any that you like. :))


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