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8 Songs from Movie Soundtracks I Recently Discovered that I Really Like

Hello, all!

The title explains it all! I’ve discovered lots of new songs from soundtracks recently (since I downloaded Spotify) and today I’ll share some of my favorite finds.

1. Fate has Smiled Upon Us from the Robin Hood (2010 movie) soundtrack by Marc Streitenfield

I haven’t actually ever seen this movie, but I really, really like its soundtrack and cannot seem to stop listening to it. In fact, this is generally all that I listen to while I write my book.

2. Now We Are Free from Gladiator (2000 movie) soundtrack (cover by Peter Hollens)

I have not ever seen this movie either, but since Peter Hollens did a cover of this song, I obviously had to listen to it. 😀

3. For the Dancing and the Dreaming from How to Train Your Dragon 2 (cover by Peter and Evynne Hollens)

I don’t really like the original version of this song, (and I’ve seen only one or two scenes from the movie) but Peter and Evynne Hollens’ cover of this song is really great.

4. This is Berk from the How to Train Your Dragon (2010 movie) soundtrack by John Powell

My sister had been telling me about the wonder that is this soundtrack for a long while, but I never actually listened to it until recently. This is partly due to the fact that YouTube is blocked on my computer and Spotify wouldn’t let the soundtrack show up when I searched for it *glares at Spotify app because I had to go through a very confusing process in order to find the soundtracks for a few weeks and then they put it back up on the search results*. Anyhow, just go listen to this track. You won’t be disappointed. (By-the-way, this movie- and the second movie-‘s soundtrack is great music to listen to while you write.)

5. Into Eternity from the Thor: The Dark World soundtrack by Brian Tyler

I don’t much like Marvel movies (in fact I dislike them), and I generally like their soundtracks even less (sorry, Patrick Doyle and Alan Silvestri), but this one was good.

6. Freedom/The Execution Bannockburn from the Braveheart soundtrack by James Horner

The Braveheart soundtrack has to be one of my very favorite soundtracks of all time, but I had never listened to the entirety of it until recently. (I haven’t even seen this movie, either.) I’m glad that I did, though. This last track is really good, though rather long.

7. Corynorhinus from the Batman Begins (2005 movie) soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

Finally, a soundtrack from a movie which I have really seen! Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies of all time, and while I generally don’t listen to Hans Zimmer soundtracks (they’re just too dark for me), I loved what I heard of the soundtrack in the movie. This last one is definitely my favorite.

8. Chevaliers de Sangreal from the The Da Vinci Code soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

I have not seen this movie, and from what I hear of it I doubt I ever shall. To be honest, the only reason I ever listened to this soundtrack was that I thought noticed the name of this particular track literally meant Knights of the Sangreal/Holy Grail. But the track was pretty good.


What did you think of these songs? Tell me in the comments!


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