the 12 types of pastors

1. The one who’s soooooooo excited for his new building that will be finished next year so he won’t have to preach in an old Walmart anymore All the member are just as excited as he is. All the visitors (such as moi) are clueless as to what all the hype is about. It’s just a…… Continue reading the 12 types of pastors


4 writing tips from blogger’s books

Hey, let’s talk about writing fiction! Most of the time, when you look for good writing tips for novels, you look go to the most popular books, right? The ones that just about everyone in the world loves. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that, but sometimes, shouldn’t we pay attention to the books…… Continue reading 4 writing tips from blogger’s books


musical finds of the month- February

Well, here I am again after an entire month of silence, posting a blog which was intended to be for February in March. Let’s get to the music. First off, let me introduce you to Michael Giacchino, the Pixar soundtrack guy who did Doctor Strange. And then let me show you the best track: Go for Baroque.…… Continue reading musical finds of the month- February

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musical finds of the month- January

Remember a few weeks ago, when I said that I’m going to start a monthly blog, sharing five of my favorite musical finds of that month? Well, I’m back with this month’s! *I haven’t ever seen any of these movies/played any of these games, so I’m not necessarily recommending the movies themselves; just the soundtracks.*…… Continue reading musical finds of the month- January

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5 things that should be in a story

We have a lot of cliches in our fiction- the Chosen One who saves the world, the mentor figure who dies, etc.- so many, in fact, that one can hardly find a story without them nowadays. And while those are not necessarily bad things, and can even still be used in stories, I’ve noticed a…… Continue reading 5 things that should be in a story

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a tag + an announcement

Hello again! Earlier this week I promised a tag and an announcement, to celebrate the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, and, lo and behold, I have returned with those! First off, the tag- I’m doing “The Smashing & Dashing Characters 2016 Character Awards” tag!!! *much excitement and cheering* Cait from Paperfury invented this tag…… Continue reading a tag + an announcement


2016: a year in books

My corner of the world (or internet, more like) has been rather silent recently, due to holidays, sicknesses, and school, but I’m finally back. And I’ve come with two posts for this week, containing several short reviews, a fun tag, and an announcement. Today we’ll cover the first of those three things. Let’s get right to…… Continue reading 2016: a year in books